Our casa is your casa. HOME is our name, because that’s how we want to make you feel. We have a place for you to work comfortably, and the resources you need to create with.

Mexico is a land built on storytelling. It is as full of color and flavor as our people and food. From ancient times to modern day, everything about this country has something to say. Every landscape is a backdrop, and every street is a stage. Since the invention of cameras, till today, artists and media professionals come to Mexico to add richness to their projects. Let us tell you why you should too:

Almost any ecosystem you might need exists in Mexico. From sunny beaches, to snowy mountaintops; from tropical rainforests, to bone-dry deserts, nature is on your side. We have vast coastlines on both east and west, which offer the kind of sunlight and colors you might need. You rode these waters on the Titanic, and Troy (Baja California). You ran through our exotic jungles in Apocalypto (Veracruz). You escaped from our deserts in Iñárritu’s Babel (Sonora).

Exploring our cities is like traveling through time and space. You may find yourself in 16th century Spain, or post-modern Berlin. Our architecture can add a mix of color and adrenaline, as seen in Romeo+Juliet, James Bond: Spectre, or the Wachowski’s series Sense8. In Elysium, Mexico City provided both a world of austerity, and another of opulence. If your shoot requires pre-Columbian grandeur, colonial charm, industrial grit, or contemporary glam it’s all here too.

In Mexico, the stage is set to tell your story. And behind the curtain, we have well-oiled machinery to build it. We’ve got all the people, and all the up-to-date equipment you might need. Our film, television, and publicity industry is vibrant, and fully equipped to handle any challenge at hand. We work with award-winning professionals, from writers to post-producers. Whether cast or crew, non-union English-speaking professionals are easy to find. 12 hour shifts are standard.

Considering the favorable position of the US Dollar, Euro, or Yen against the Mexican peso at this time, producing in Mexico might prove friendly to your budget. Also, a number of government incentives are in place to support audiovisual productions. Because of its location, Mexico is the gateway from the US to the rest of Central and South America.

And did we mention the food? One of the greatest delights of working in Mexico is the amazing food you can enjoy. And rest assured, all your other needs will be taken care of in the way you are accustomed to. So talk to us. Put Mexico on your radar screen and we will put you here.

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